Ohio Fleet Manager Pursues Future Fleet Features

By Bruce Edwards

John Hyatt, operations manager for the City of Dublin, Ohio, and his fleet staff have been involved with several projects installing smart technologies into some of the city’s fleet for testing by private companies.

The 33 Smart Mobility Corridor, in the Columbus Region Beta District, is a 35-mile highway corridor just northwest of Columbus that crosses three counties. Along the corridor, road side units (RSUs) have been installed, making it a prime location for the testing of connected vehicle technology.

Mobility supplier DENSOa  worked with the city to install connected vehicle technology at intersections and hardware inside vehicles. The technology works together to show on a dashboard tablet real-time traffic information, including how many seconds are left until a traffic signal changes colors and if there are pedestrians the driver might not otherwise see.

“These are significant steps in laying the groundwork for connected vehicle technology, and the more we test and technology advances, the faster we’ll be able to move,” Hyatt said.

In another project coming down the pipeline, the City of Dublin is partnering with Dublin-based EASE Logistics and Akron-based Goodyear Tires on Smart Mobility technologies for connected vehicles. The group will be installing sensors that measure tire pressure in commercial and government vehicles, aggregating and monitoring public and private data, and testing the technologies on Dublin’s roads and along the U.S. 33 Smart Mobility Corridor.

Originally published by Government Fleet