Let’s Create the  Future, Together.

The Beta District is more than a physical location, more than an innovation corridor, and more than a single headline-making project. We’re building an ecosystem that provides an ideal platform for innovative companies of all shapes and sizes.


Why the Beta District?

With any technology product, the beta stage is the tipping point to success. The Beta District is where you will learn about, launch, and tweak your big idea with data gleaned from live testing. You will gain insights and inspiration that are not found in a test lab or focus group.

The Beta District is Ideal for

Automotive Manufacturing
Logistics & Distribution
Smart Cities


  • The Ohio/Indiana Unmanned Aircraft Systems Center to begin testing unmanned aircraft systems along the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor.
  • 400 private vehicles will be outfitted with onboard units to test connected vehicle and intersection safety technology in Marysville.
  • 61 roadside units are installed along 33 Smart Mobility Corridor.
  • Installation of 432 strands of fiber installed along 35-miles of US 33 completed.
  • The Beta District becomes the official name of our innovation region.
  • The City of Marysville upgrades all 27 traffic signals with Dedicated Short-Range Communications units (DSRC), creating the world’s first fully connected city.
  • Transportation Research Center’s new 540-acre SMART Center opens.
  • Ohio Governor John Kasich signs an Executive Order establishing DriveOhio, developing statewide technology and data framework for the State’s smart mobility initiatives.
  • Autonomous vehicle research is approved for state highways and creates a voluntary pilot program linking local governments to participating companies.
  • The testing of unmanned aircraft systems along the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor is allowed.
  • Ohio Governor Kasich announces $45 million for improvements to the Transportation Research Center to support the development of smart mobility and autonomous vehicle technologies.
  • The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) completes the construction of the US-33 portion of the fiber network.
  • Reconstruction of the I-270 and US 33 interchange in Dublin finishes, improving safety and reducing congestion.
  • A $5.9 million USDOT grant awarded to fund the purchase of Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) for connected vehicle and autonomous vehicle testing and research.
  • The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) pledges $16 million for the installation of fiber along the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor.
  • Dublin, Marysville, and Union County form the NW 33 Innovation Corridor Council of Governments to oversee the fiber project.
  • The City of Marysville purchases 204-acres of prime development land, which will become the 33 Innovation Park.
  • Representatives from Dublin, Marysville, Jerome & Millcreek Townships, Logan-Union-Champaign Regional Planning, and Union County meet with the goal to collectively discuss and plan development along the US 33 corridor.

for Progress
and Momentum

In 2014, a group of representatives from multiple local governments began meeting to discuss innovative ways to drive economic development across their shared region. Two years later, the group won a highly competitive grant from the USDOT to outfit the region for connected vehicle testing. That was simply the beginning.

Encouraged by the speed and passion with which they worked together, the group began to dream about what more could be possible. Four years and hundreds of millions in investment later, The Beta District officially launched.

Our region is led by a jurisdictional council
of governments who share a unique passion for
innovation, progress, and collaboration. They are: 

  • Mr. Dana McDaniel, City Manager, City of Dublin
  • Mr. Terry Emery, City Manager, City of Marysville
  • Mr. Tim Hansley, County Administrator, Union County
  • Mr. Eric Phillips, Executive Director, Marysville-Union County Port Authority
  • Mr. Keith Conroy, Trustee, Millcreek Township


The Beta District’s continuing growth is made possible by the true collaboration of our partners across government, business, academia, and industry. We are honored to work alongside these world-class leaders.