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Innovative Technology Meets The Beta District

It may only be in its Alpha Phase, but The Beta District is generating some serious buzz! As a real-world playground for disruptors, pioneers, and data-driven researchers, the District is launching just as the global economy begins to reawaken. The tech, automotive, manufacturing, logistics, and mobility industries are among those that are exploding with pent-up demand and boundless potential in the post-pandemic landscape. The Beta District is the perfect place to plug into endless possibilities. 

Covering an expansive region in the Columbus, Ohio area, The Beta District is a living lab environment where innovative companies of all sizes can work collaboratively with other businesses, non-profits, academia, and government leaders. It’s more than a physical location, more than an innovation corridor, and more than a single project. It is an ecosystem that provides the ideal platform for beta testing. It’s safe, tech-ready, and free of red tape.

And people are taking notice.

OhioX, the state’s Technology and Innovation Partnership, is touting The Beta District as one of three innovation districts in the state. OhioX President Chris Berry recently declared to an audience of business executives, policymakers, educators, and nonprofit leaders that emerging technology has found a home in The Beta District, which he called “a hub for things like testing connected vehicle technology and autonomous driving.”

Adept Marketing, the firm tasked with branding the district, describes it as a goldmine of unique resources. Peeling back the layers that make up The Beta District, we’ve uncovered these golden nuggets that make us unique:    

  • Real-world connected platform: Roads and intersections that are online and equipped with technology to communicate with vehicles, allowing testers to seamlessly transition between a variety of scenarios, like city-to-rural settings and four-season weather conditions.
  • Ecosystem of collaboration: Multiple government agencies working together to accelerate innovation and remove red tape. It’s an “all in” working environment. 
  • Industry trifecta: Business, academia, and government working together, instead of one entity taking the lead.
  • Strong industry cohorts: Automotive, aviation, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and insurance industries are long-established and recognized innovators in the region. Now we’re reaching to the sky with advanced air mobility, too. People in R&D like to cluster together.

Between your big idea and our plug-and-play, living lab environment, there is no omega to what we can build together. 

With any technology product, the beta stage is the tipping point to success. Are you ready to launch your future?

Reach out to The Beta District team and tell us your big idea and how we can help. In the meantime, check out a few of our partners:

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