Classroom of students at a Dublin City School using their laptops while learning from their teacher.

Dublin Schools & Expedient Leverage Dublink Fiber to Improve Access to Technology

By The Beta District

Dublink, the city-owned fiber-optic network, makes Dublin one of the most connected communities in Central Ohio. 

Dublink’s 125-mile, 100 gigabit fiber-optic network connects area businesses and organizations to lightning-fast data transport at little to no cost. This blazing fast service links businesses to two area data centers: Expedient, which offers multi-cloud data-management solutions, and DartPoints, which offers multi-cloud connectivity services.


Dublink and the Dublin-based data centers are just two of the many factors fueling technological growth and innovation in the region.

“Dublin is the best-connected community for businesses throughout Central Ohio because of our vast, ultra-high performance broadband network, Dublink,” explained Doug McCullough, Dublin’s Chief Information Officer.

With Expedient, a Dublink-connected business can use multiple cloud platforms, from Expedient Enterprise Cloud and Amazon Web Services to Microsoft Azure, all under the Dublin-based data center’s management system. The multi-cloud approach understands that no business wants to be limited by one platform while the IT sector continues to rapidly deploy new and improving technology solutions for businesses.

Expedient found a home in Dublin in 2015 after outgrowing one of its early facilities in Upper Arlington. When exploring a new location in the Columbus area, Expedient had two priorities: access to reliable power and access to high-speed fiber. Dublin became the obvious choice, thanks in part to its 30-year investment in Dublink.

Dublink’s high speeds connect businesses to the Expedient Dublin data center as well as Expedient’s national network of 15 data centers in less than a blink of an eye. For the average company, gigabit connectivity offered by Dublink could mean saving up to $17,000 annually.

Expedient’s fast-growing Central Ohio market has even been named Expedient’s ”Market of the Year” five of the last six years. A key portion of their success can be attributed to the Dublink connection and their outstanding relationship with the City of Dublin.

"We think Dublink is a remarkably wonderful tool for attraction and retention of business," said Steve Gruetter, Director of Market Strategy for Expedient. “The value of a network is based on the connections available and Dublin businesses are often surprised to learn that a world-class data center is available on Dublink—especially at no recurring charge! Expedient is very happy to support a slew of Dublin businesses with cloud solutions connected by Dublink.”

In Dublin and across America, Expedient offers an array of cloud, colocation and managed services and disaster recovery, among other services. All solutions are backed with a 100% uptime service level agreement, which gives Dublin businesses the confidence that their customers will experience few to no service disruptions. With Expedient handling crucial day-to-day infrastructure, Dublin organizations can focus on cutting-edge IT pursuits.

“When we engage local organizations on the benefits of Expedient solutions, we always check if they are on or near the Dublink route,” said Gruetter. “If they are, we are sure to educate them on the Dublink benefits.”


Thanks to Dublink, Dublin City Schools became the first Ohio school district to move to the cloud.

Dublin City Schools sought ways to improve technology for students and also save the school district and taxpayers money. School leaders decided to move to the cloud by connecting into Expedient through Dublink. Superintendent Dr. John Marschhausen explains the strategic steps to leverage tech in the school's backyard.

“Moving our servers to a cloud-based network operated by a professional data center has been very successful. It has provided a great cost savings and avoidance for our District because we no longer need to purchase and maintain our own servers. It also provides us flexibility in the services that we need, and it allows our students and staff to have enhanced service to those services," said Marschhausen.

For Dublin City Schools, connecting to Dublink has proven to be a success.

"The move has been so successful that the District is now looking to expand the ability of cloud servers and full network redundancy by researching other providers and offerings to ensure that we are maximizing the full potential of this concept,” said Marschhausen.

With the power of Dublink, Dublin is one step closer to becoming the most connected community in America.


Dublink is just one aspect of the rich fiber network within The Beta District. The region also offers fiber connections along the US 33 Smart Mobility Corridor, allowing businesses and organizations in the region to connect to fast and reliable data transport.

The 35-mile fiber loop in the corridor makes it possible to test state-of-the-art connected and autonomous vehicles using smart infrastructure.

With its manufacturing presence in the region, Honda is a key partner in developing new transportation technologies. They have been testing their SAFE SWARM™ system of vehicles that continuously communicate with each other and with the surrounding infrastructure. By alerting drivers to potential hazards, the swarm can prevent accidents and improve traffic flow in high-density environments.

Sue Bai, Chief Engineer at Honda Research Institute USA, said that this technology “was only recently viable after wireless spectrum caught up to the needs of instantaneous information exchange,” underscoring the key role that high-speed internet plays in testing high-tech innovations.

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