City of Marysville and Union County Delegation Travel to Japan

City of Marysville Release

MARYSVILLE, Ohio — A delegation of 11 public and private sector representatives from the City of Marysville and Union County recently concluded a fruitful business and goodwill mission to Japan. The trip, aimed at strengthening economic ties and fostering international relations, encompassed a series of impactful engagements with key Japanese counterparts.

During the mission, the delegation visited a total of seven prominent companies, demonstrating a commitment to forging meaningful business partnerships. The companies included Honda, Nissin, Minebea Mitsumi, Moriroku, Nihon Plast, Sumitomo, and Honda Logistics.

In addition to corporate visits, the delegation had the privilege of meeting with officials from the Department of Land Ministry, further enhancing collaborative opportunities for future economic development and planning exercises. One of the mission’s highlights was a presentation held at the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), where the delegation addressed an audience of 75 Japanese companies keen on expanding into the U.S. market. The delegation presented the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor within The Beta District to highlight the connected vehicle environment that supports the automotive ecosystem along U.S. 33. The exchange of insights and ideas opened new avenues for cross-border business ventures.

The delegation also fostered deepened cultural ties by visiting the City of Marysville’s Friendship City, Yorii. Engagements included a City Council General Assembly meeting, visits to local schools, the library, and a fire station, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the community’s infrastructure and operations.

In order to further promote cultural exchange, the Marysville Public Library conducted a Library Exchange with Yorii, bolstering educational collaboration between the two libraries. Additionally, a Fire Department Exchange program was initiated, sharing best practices and strengthening the bond between the respective fire services.

To culminate the mission, delegates from the City of Marysville and Union County actively participated in the Midwest U.S. – Japan Association Annual Conference. The event, attended by nearly 400 delegates including 62 Ohio delegates, served as a platform for engaging discussions on economic development and regional cooperation. The Columbus Region will host this conference in 2024 which will be the first time being in Ohio for over 20 years.

The importance of this mission is underlined by fact that there are 22 Japanese companies located in Union County employing over 8,000 people which account for approximately 20% of the jobs in the community. Furthermore, Japanese companies have invested nearly $7 billion dollars in Union County over the past 45 years.

The mission to Japan exemplifies our commitment to fostering international partnerships, promoting economic growth, and nurturing goodwill between nations. We look forward to building upon the connections forged during this mission for a prosperous future.

A chronical of the various meetings and events that we attended on the Japan Mission can be found at:

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