Graphic displaying the AIEDU meeting in Ohio

AIEDU held a meeting with the officials leading Ohio’s workforce transformation. Here’s a summary...

By Bruce Edwards

On March 4, business executives, policymakers, educators, and nonprofit leaders from across Ohio and the U.S. gathered virtually for The AI Education Project’s Ohio Leadership Forum on AI Education and Workforce Transformation. The invitation-only meeting focused on the urgent challenge of preparing the next generation of Ohio’s innovation workforce in the midst of accelerating automation and academic disruption in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

AIEDU hosted this year’s Leadership Forum in collaboration with a ‘who’s who’ of statewide organizations working at the nexus of innovation, education, and workforce readiness. Attendees included more than 20 district superintendents, dozens of chief executives, business leaders, and co-founders, and many more nonprofit leaders and public officials.

The panels and breakout discussion groups are just the beginning of a multi-year initiative to shape post-pandemic instruction and education innovation to respond to the new opportunities and challenges from the rapid advance of artificial intelligence.

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