Google to Invest $2.3 billion in The Beta District

Google is investing $2.3 billion in Ohio in 2024, further expanding its data centers in Columbus, Lancaster, and New Albany. This follows an initial investment of over $4.4 billion since 2019. The Ohio data centers support Google services such as Cloud, Search, Maps, and Workspace, playing a crucial role in the digital economy and AI innovations. The Columbus cloud region, opened in 2022, serves major clients like the State of Ohio and Nationwide.

Google's economic impact in Ohio is significant, contributing over $14 billion to the state’s economy last year and providing digital skills training to over 325,000 residents.

Environmentally, Google aims to power its data centers with carbon-free energy 24/7 by 2030 and is partnering with EDP Renewables North America on a 500-megawatt solar energy project.

Ohio leaders praised the investment for bolstering the state’s status as a tech hub, creating jobs, and fostering innovation. They highlighted the importance of the partnership between Google and local communities for long-term economic and technological growth.

Notable Quotes

“Data centers are essential to our digital lives and Google’s additional multibillion-dollar investment further establishes Central Ohio as an important tech hub in America. We value Google’s continued investment for the jobs and economic impact, and we look forward to additional partnerships in education, AI, and energy to further enhance Ohio’s position as the tech hub of the Midwest.”

- Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted

"Google's continued investment in Ohio is made possible by our close collaboration with business and community leaders across the state. We hope to continue the momentum of economic growth across Ohio and help accelerate its digital future, which includes continuing to deliver AI innovation across our enterprise and consumer services.”

- Jim Anderson, VP of North America Partner Ecosystem and Channels at Google Cloud

“Nationwide understands first-hand the talent, creativity, and technological prowess that comes from and is drawn to Ohio. We’re looking forward to our continued collaboration with Google and the innovation we can drive together.”

- Jim Fowler, Chief Technology Officer at Nationwide

“By investing in our local schools, we aren’t just thinking about jobs. We are helping inspire and develop the communities of tomorrow. This is an investment in all of our futures.”

- Ohio native Mark Isakowitz, VP of Government Affairs and Public Policy, US & Canada at Google

“For the second time in less than a year, Google has chosen to invest in our state’s future. Today’s announcement will provide good-paying jobs in the Fifteenth District and support technical infrastructure in the Midwest and beyond. The ‘Silicon Heartland' is excited to work hand-in-hand to move our country forward!”

- Congressman Mike Carey

"Google’s selection of the Central Ohio region for their new $2.3 billion data center site demonstrates that Ohio has the capacity and dedicated workforce to help build the foundation for digital transformation and AI innovations that will propel our nation into the future. I’m proud to support this historic project as Google and Ohio forge a strong partnership that will lead to job growth and technical innovation serving people and businesses around the world. This is a great moment for Central Ohio."

- Congresswoman Joyce Beatty

“Ohio has firmly established itself as a national leader in private sector innovation and growth. Businesses, both large and small, recognize the value of our skilled workforce and are choosing to invest in our communities. Today’s announcement from Google further solidifies Ohio’s reputation as the ‘Silicon Heartland.’ While this investment will help create jobs today, it will also open doors and provide opportunities for the next generation.”

- Congressman Troy Balderson

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