Dublin Hosts Virtual Hiring Event for Healthcare-focused Businesses

By Bruce Edwards

Businesses across the country are challenged with recruitment and staffing concerns. Dublin is taking an entrepreneurial approach and using innovative solutions to help support local business needs. The City is partnering with ChatStrike, a Dublin-based business itself, for a virtual hiring event. The kickoff event focuses on the healthcare and bioscience sector because of the many businesses – both large and smaller-scale employers – within that industry in Dublin.

The online hiring lobby opens Monday, July 25, and runs through Friday, July 29. The ChatStrike experience offers a 24-hour online lobby where potential employees can review opportunities from participating companies, ask questions, easily submit applications and respond to requests from recruiters. The participating companies are Dublin-based employers within the healthcare and biosciences industry.

An online job fair is appealing to many job seekers for the flexibility and convenience it offers to both employers and employees. The innovative format is also an efficient way to review applications and speed up the initial screening process.

Interested job seekers can register at https://strike.chat/s/job-lobby/2c2fe/GDt